Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wall of shame games should they be banned???

This has been a problem in physical education games like tag and dodgeball.  Too many kids are getting hurt, and schools want, and have banned them.  Well i think that there are ways to modify it so it can be safe, and still fun.  For example in dodgeball you can set up cones on the end lines with tennis balls on top, and the object is too throw the ball and knock the tennis ball off the court.  Now here you are giving that child a choice to either step in front and attempt to catch the ball, or let the ball go.  This i think can help prevent kids from getting hit in the face because they are not aiming at the children they are aiming at the tennis balls.  Also use balls that are safe not soccer balls and volly balls like some pe teahers do thats just not safe, its an accident waiting to happen.  Also if children are throwing it at other children make a certain height that they can hit the kids, for example you have to hit the kids below the head so the chest and lower i would do.  If you make it they have to hit them below the waist i think sometimes its to controversal kids will be arguing in this case if you are hit anywhere but the head you go to the sideline.  These Wall of Shame games can still and should be at schools can they can be fun and safe if you make a few changes.

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