Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Christmas Sensation @ St. Mary's

What a last day at St. Mary's. I have had so much fun going there, and learned so much what a great experience.  Today was a Christmas theme so we dressed up like santas and elfs it was a blast.  The best part about today was we got out the parachuit and the kids loved it.  They were screa,ing going crazy yelling having a great time.  We played some Christmas themed games with the parachuit and the kids got to go under it and had such big smiles on there faces.  That is the best feeling making younger kids smile and them having fun, thats what its all about.

Friday, November 5, 2010


This was by far the best after school we had at St Mary's.  It was Halloween theme and we dressed up, it was great.  I dressed up as a clown, and it was a hit.  The kids loved my clown costume, kept saying "HEY CLOWN" the smiles on their faces were priceless.  I was able to read three books to the pre-k and they loved my costume.  I read them a book about whitches and ghostes, and i read them two books on pumpkins.  The pre-k were all amped up, they were the most energetic group i have been with so far at St Mary's.  They are a blast though they dont care what game it is they just wanna run around and play.  So i made it simple i did a tag game with them pretending to be on brooms i had them gallop they were laughing and yelling having a great time.  The motor development that were working was throwing and catching, and we observed two students on how they did.  The kids were doing a decent job with it dont have all themechanics down yet.  My favorite part of the day was at the end we were teaching the kids the Thriller dance by Micheal Jackson it was so fun watching them do it they had such big smiles on their faces, and thats what i try to accomplish when i am there making sure the kids are having fun and getting exercise.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Super Hero Day! @ St Mary's

What another great day at St Mary's.  Are theme this week was super hero week.  I dressed as a super hero and the kids were so energetic.  I had them play a super hero game which went well.  I had three different super hero pictures that each represented a motor movement and the kids loved it.  They were screaming and yelling it was great to see them smiling.  The motor movements we were introducing were horizontal jumping, leaping, and sliding.  The kids had the most trouble with the leaping.  They were running not really leaping.  They were doing a great job with the sliding.  It was a great day at St Mary's and i cant wait for the next time...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pirates Day at St Mary's

In lab 2 at St Mary's we did a Pirate theme day which was awesome.  Some of us were dressed like pirates.  The motor movements that we were trying to implement this week was running, galloping, and hopping.  At lab Mr. yang gave us two children to observe theses motor movements, to see if they were perfoming them correctly.  They wre doing the motor skills correctly for the most part.  Today my job was to clean out the equipment room, which wasnt too bad considering the room wasnt to messy to begin with.  I just put the boxes in order and mad it a little neater.  At the end of the day i got to lead the kids to a song whcih was awesome. My song was called If Your A Pirate and You know It.  The kids loved it and they were doing the hand motions and sining it was a great day at St Mary's


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chapter 1

After looking through chapter one i look back at when i was in pe at my high school thats not how i want to teach pe.  At my high school we played different games which was good, but we didnt learn how to play they would go over the rules and we would play the game.  I was ok with that because i could just start playing and get the hang of it as i play but that wasnt the case for over half the class when i look back.  A lot of the kids didnt know all the fundamentals, and we should have learned fundamentals of the games, do drills, then progress into the game so its fun for everyone.  Doing this it will make it fun for a lot more of the students, and when students are having fun they become more active which is what we are looking for.  I dont want pe to be the class that everyone hates going to, i want to become one of the best pe teachers.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Day of PE 201

I had no idea what to expect for this class, I was nervous and excited.  I was really relieved when i met my professor Mr. Yang, and he is great its going to be a great year.  He also showed us around the parkcenter which helped, because i am a transfer student.  I look forward to this class and going to teach younger kids.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wall of shame games should they be banned???

This has been a problem in physical education games like tag and dodgeball.  Too many kids are getting hurt, and schools want, and have banned them.  Well i think that there are ways to modify it so it can be safe, and still fun.  For example in dodgeball you can set up cones on the end lines with tennis balls on top, and the object is too throw the ball and knock the tennis ball off the court.  Now here you are giving that child a choice to either step in front and attempt to catch the ball, or let the ball go.  This i think can help prevent kids from getting hit in the face because they are not aiming at the children they are aiming at the tennis balls.  Also use balls that are safe not soccer balls and volly balls like some pe teahers do thats just not safe, its an accident waiting to happen.  Also if children are throwing it at other children make a certain height that they can hit the kids, for example you have to hit the kids below the head so the chest and lower i would do.  If you make it they have to hit them below the waist i think sometimes its to controversal kids will be arguing in this case if you are hit anywhere but the head you go to the sideline.  These Wall of Shame games can still and should be at schools can they can be fun and safe if you make a few changes.

Are sticks in athletics good or bad for young children??

As a physical education major i think that its good for kids to learn as many sports as they can, open them up too many different sports.  Although its dangerous using sticks and bats you can make it so its not dangerous.  Examples would be you dont have to play against eachother where someone can get hit with a hockey stick, or you can play floor hocky with foam sticks.  In elementary school we used foam hocky sticks, so it didnt hurt if you did get hit.  You could also wear extra prtection to prevent more injuries.  Also you can have targets at the wall instead of having goalies so a kid isnt stuck in goal, it gives everyone a chance to run around and participate and not get stuck standing in goal.  I think if you introduce young children in to as many different sports as possible they can become more intersted and want to play them which can lead to more fitness.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Day at St Mary's

Lab 1  First Day

        What a first day it was at St Mary’s was awesome.  I did not know what to really expect, for some reason i was nervous idk why these kids are 3-7 years old they are kids i just have to be myself, which i did once i got comfortable.  These kids are great they have so much energy in them.  When Ben who was great to watch and learn from set up a tag game they were so excited.  Then we got to play with the kids which was great, i got to play on the playground with the kids and play house in the gym.  I notice the kids like to play tag with you and have them chase you.  I also notice that some of there motor developments were good the could climb ladder, swing on the hoops, and sliding down poles.  They all had big smiles and were exercising which is what it is all about.  I hope next lab will just as good if not better and work on my teaching skills to become am excallant physical education teacher.