Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chapter 1

After looking through chapter one i look back at when i was in pe at my high school thats not how i want to teach pe.  At my high school we played different games which was good, but we didnt learn how to play they would go over the rules and we would play the game.  I was ok with that because i could just start playing and get the hang of it as i play but that wasnt the case for over half the class when i look back.  A lot of the kids didnt know all the fundamentals, and we should have learned fundamentals of the games, do drills, then progress into the game so its fun for everyone.  Doing this it will make it fun for a lot more of the students, and when students are having fun they become more active which is what we are looking for.  I dont want pe to be the class that everyone hates going to, i want to become one of the best pe teachers.

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