Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Day at St Mary's

Lab 1  First Day

        What a first day it was at St Mary’s was awesome.  I did not know what to really expect, for some reason i was nervous idk why these kids are 3-7 years old they are kids i just have to be myself, which i did once i got comfortable.  These kids are great they have so much energy in them.  When Ben who was great to watch and learn from set up a tag game they were so excited.  Then we got to play with the kids which was great, i got to play on the playground with the kids and play house in the gym.  I notice the kids like to play tag with you and have them chase you.  I also notice that some of there motor developments were good the could climb ladder, swing on the hoops, and sliding down poles.  They all had big smiles and were exercising which is what it is all about.  I hope next lab will just as good if not better and work on my teaching skills to become am excallant physical education teacher.

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