Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are sticks in athletics good or bad for young children??

As a physical education major i think that its good for kids to learn as many sports as they can, open them up too many different sports.  Although its dangerous using sticks and bats you can make it so its not dangerous.  Examples would be you dont have to play against eachother where someone can get hit with a hockey stick, or you can play floor hocky with foam sticks.  In elementary school we used foam hocky sticks, so it didnt hurt if you did get hit.  You could also wear extra prtection to prevent more injuries.  Also you can have targets at the wall instead of having goalies so a kid isnt stuck in goal, it gives everyone a chance to run around and participate and not get stuck standing in goal.  I think if you introduce young children in to as many different sports as possible they can become more intersted and want to play them which can lead to more fitness.

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